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Commercial Grade Tree VS Domestic Grade Tree

AJD Creative - Tuesday, July 01, 2014

What’s the difference between a Commercial Grade Tree and a Domestic Grade Tree?

A Christmas Tree just isn’t a Tree there is a huge difference between a Commercial Grade Christmas Tree compared to a Domestic Grade Tree.

The last few years we have developed the “ Memory Wire Tree “ which is a Tree designed for Commercial application made of a heavy duty wire that holds the branches together. The branches just pop into shape, when taken out of the box.

Some of the differences are a Commercial Grade Tree is built to last the branches are pre attached to the Central Stem, the foliage is a lot thicker and referred to as “ ply “ and once bound to the branches it is referred to as Tips. The more Tips the thicker the Tree, the less Tips the thinner the tree. Usually you can get a variety of girth widths so that some Trees are thinner around the girth and others wider. We have both Wide and Thin base Trees, the thin base Trees are used a lot in Shopping Centres , were there is huge volumes of traffic and are designed to take up less floor space.

Commercial Grade Trees are made to last at least 5 to 6 years of heavy duty use, Domestic Grade Trees are constructed in a totally different manner.

A Domestic tree is usually made with a central stem were you need to place each individual branch on the stem. You can’t move the tree once assembles as the branches will fall out. The foliage is usually made up of less tips and a thinner ply PVC. In most cases it is not treated with UV coating and available only in a limited amount of colours.


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Commercial Grade Tree VS Domestic Grade Tree