Environment & Community

Christmas just isn’t a Business for us at Dovecote Design, it’s a special time for families and communities to celebrate.

Were possible we support local charities and organisations, however our most satisfying experience we have had to date was to be able to work with Kmart of a special Christmas for the Royal Children’s Hospital , Melbourne.

Our brief was to build a magical Christmas tree and take in all the elements of the new hospital environment.

After much discussion I knew it was more than just a tree it was an opportunity to make sick children and their families enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

The tree become a project of love and faith, we wanted the children to see something so special that they forgot how sick they were for at least a few minutes.

The tree was like a huge music box which comes to life every hour on the hour with animated animals at the base and specially composed music.

The biggest joy is explaining and showing sick children and their families how it all goes together as they visit us during all hours of the night as we install the tree, the look on their faces when it’s finished is something I hold very dear to my heart a very emotional experience indeed.


Dovecote Design is committed to recycling and refurbishment were possible of our Christmas decorations.

Packing materials are careful thought of and reused where possible when dismantling.

Old decorations are donated to local schools for further recycling use.

Solar and Led lighting are our preference when decorating trees and garlands.