“The brief for this completely one of a kind Santa Set was T’was Night Before Christmas. Both parties wanted to users of this set to be completely immersed in this set and for the outside world to not exist which even included an hourly snow show spectacular and a distinctive Pine Scent throughout.

This Santa Set consisted with Three completely bespoke Vignettes with a fence line full of interactives for those waiting for their experience or those passing by.

Upon entering this set you found yourself in Santa’s Dining Room, complete with faux fireplace with Milk and Cookies, exactly how Santa would of left it.

You then found yourself within Santa’s Toy Shop complete with handmade elves busily working to get Christmas Gifts made in time for Santa.

Lastly you were greeted by Santa in his personal Lounge Room, ready to have your photo taken on his Handmade Velvet Chair and presented with a custom Chadstone Elf Hat.

On defeature of this experience you were greeted with one of many of the life size plush animals. This consisted of a mix of still and moving Reindeers and Dogs with completely custom reordered voice overs.

T’was the Night Before Christmas we further enhanced with Directional Signpost throughout the Centre leading them to this Magical Experience.

Within the architecturally design Luxury Mall we saw custom decorated 9.5metre Christmas Tree along with suspended Hot Air Balloons lining the roofline of this mall.”

Images c/o Paper Mill Media

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